American Ingenuity: Somerset Engineering brings it to work everyday


Founded in 2003 Somerset Planning & Engineering Services has taken the responsibility for start to finish design, engineering, permitting, compliance, site preparation and construction to successfully complete projects for distributors, manufacturers, governments and global corporations. That's what it takes to be responsible, valued partners for our clientele.


Uniquely qualified to tackle diverse project needs, we bring our experience, capability and perseverance to the table for our clients every time, regardless of project scope or client size. We understand the critical path that challenging projects entail and our experience reaches across the engineering, design, permitting, construction and execution spectrum.

Services we provide:

Bulk Fluid Distribution Centers (Design/Build)

Civil, Municipal, Mechanical Engineering 

Surveying, Mapping,

Site Design, Permitting

Project Management

General Contracting

Regulatory Compliance

Environmental Services

American Ingenuity

With a talented staff of diversely experienced professionals, we proactively team with our clients and envision ourselves as concerned project owners/partners in their projects and their goals. 

Our guiding principle is to treat each client and project with a level of attention that reflects our vision: to provide the care, insight, and understanding necessary to successfully complete tasks on-time and within budget.

Solutions for Communities and Companies

We specialize in providing real-world, practical and affordable solutions to clients requiring technical services in the municipal, public, private, corporate, industrial, and energy fields; full service from concept, feasibility, budget, design, and management of all project facets to ensure economically viable solutions. 

Let's work together to develop the ideas and the associated business plans from the simple to the sophisticated, to successfully manage your projects from concept to completion