Design-Build Tank Projects

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Design-Build - is a collaborative commitment by two parties that ensures value, quality and accountability. Done correctly this process enables the owner to have a stronger voice in their project, saves capital and delivers the end result as expected. Somerset Engineering has demonstrated great competence and conscientiousness, and has exceeded client expectations, in the design/build arena. Our customer testimonials of satisfaction tell our story the best possible way.



Letter of Recommendation from Tilley Chemical Co. Inc. for 

Engineering-Design-Installation of Lubricant Tank Farm and Dispensing Center

To: the Board of Directors of Somerset Planning and Engineering Services


Re: Tank Farm Design and Construction for Tilley Chemical Co., Inc.


     It is not often we feel compelled to commend a vendor for a job well done but, your service to Tilley Chemical for the above named project certainly merits comment.


     The project at our Belcamp Maryland location represented a milestone for Tilley Chemical, our second location in over 59 years of continuous operation from a single location.   Needless to say, the project also represented a major financial obligation to Tilley.   From the outset of the project and our first impression of the representatives of SP&ES we felt comfortable. 


        Jon Wahl brought a strong team of professionals to work on our project.  Because we chose a “Design Build” approach to this project we had no idea of how important the trust we placed in SP&ES would be and how they would deliver above and beyond our expectations.


       I would like to simply highlight the positive experience we had working with SP&ES and the relationship we developed:




Excellent project management – kept the timeline on track

Excellent sub-contractors


Maintained extremely high standards

Communication – kept us constantly informed of progress and any issues that needed to be addressed

Design Build approach – your folks had the expertise to make this approach a home run for Tilley

Advisement – knowledge and expertise well communicated actually changed our thinking on design concepts and hindsight confirms correctness – glad we listened

Supplier and customer comments – all have been very impressed with the facility


In summary, my only regret is that we don’t have more projects of this magnitude in the near future that we could work on together but, when they come up, SP&ES will get the call.


Many Thanks,


Kirk Izer, CPA

Secretary/Treasurer and Project Facilitator

Tilley Chemical Co., Inc.