Design/Build Chemical Tank Farm Expansion

A specialty chemical blending company needed to replace and add to their existing tank storage capacity.  The project had one significant and extremely critical caveat:  the plant runs product 24 hours/day and the project execution could not interrupt operations. 

The success of the project relied upon a very detailed design that required a 3-phase removal/replacement strategy.  Somerset Engineering, working with the plant operations team, provided and then executed that plan safely and successfully.  In the end the Somerset Engineering team completed the entire project with 1- hour of total shut down and within budget.


Lubricant Storage and Distribution Center

This project entailed permitting, design and construction of a new lubricating oil distribution center.  The project required storage for over 45 distinct products, with segregated pumping for 7 primary product families.  Somerset Engineering, working closely with the client, provided a design that reflected the specific needs for this challenging project. 

 Somerset obtained all required permits, and successfully constructed and commissioned the project as planned.  The client enjoyed substantial savings by partnering with Somerset Engineering to design/build their new facility. 

Tilley piping and tanks .JPG
Major Energy Company Lubricant Distribution Center -Gulf Coast

This company needed to add storage to their burgeoning lubricant distribution center.  Historically product was received by transport and offloaded into totes and drums directly from the transport in the parking area.  The totes and drums were then relocated inside the storage facility and often repackaged.  
Modifications to the building were not permitted – the challenge was to install maximum sized vertical tanks inside the building through the existing entrance.  


The project required transport offloading pumps/meters and internal pumps/meters for small packaging including a PLC system for automated control of the packaging.  The project was successfully commissioned meeting all design requirements.

Bulk Propane Distributor

A long tenured, family-owned, fuel distribution company needed assistance entering into the propane market. Somerset Engineering provided planning, permitting, design and construction expertise to this family of entrepreneurs enabling a very successful expansion of their services. 

The first phase of the project was installation of a 60,000 gallon LPG vessel, equipped for receiving bulk transport loads and capable of loading bobtails for local deliveries.  The site design included allowance for a future tank of the same size. 

Rural Health Care Facility - Fire Suppression Tanks

A rural, mental health, critical-care facility, required replacement of two pressure vessels storing water for the facility’s sprinkler system.  The existing tanks were located approximately 20’ below grade and access to them was via a second floor basement room.  The new tanks could not be located in the same area.  Most significant, even beyond finding a suitable installation location and connecting into the main lines for the sprinkler system in the second floor basement - was the need for the working end of the tanks to be accessible without requiring confined space entry. 


The solution was to locate the tanks below grade by cutting into a nearby embankment and pouring a concrete retaining wall around the operating ends of the tanks.  The project was completed by constructing a grade level accessible building around the working ends.  Additional requirements included designing a compressed air system capable of keeping the tanks at sufficient pressure to meet the water delivery requirements for the sprinkler system.  The facility operator noted the significant advantages of cost savings and quality control achieved by electing to use Somerset Engineering as a design/build provider. 

Underground Propane (LP) Bulk Storage

An urban propane distribution company needed to add storage to support their growing residential demand.  However, as is often typical with urban expansion, site access and availability was limited.  Somerset Engineering was tasked with maximizing storage on a small urban lot, proximate to homes, a school and near an active intersection.  Local authorities limited the project to underground tanks only and restricted site access to side street entry.  

In the end Somerset Engineering successfully designed, permitted, and constructed the installation of 3-30,000 gallon underground LPG vessels on the spatially limited site.  The facility is able to receive transport loads, load bobtails for local delivery and fill cylinders for walk-in and commercial clients.  

Design - Build  Bulk Lubricant Distribution Facility

A regional fuel and lubricant distributor needed to expand their lubricant distribution capacity in response to business growth opportunities.  The benefits of design/build with a trusted partner were innately obvious to the private owner of this business.   To this entrepreneur the cost and quality control advantages were immediately attractive at the onset and confirmed as the project advanced.  

Somerset Engineering successfully permitted, designed and constructed a new lubricant storage and distribution facility, within the exact agreed upon budget.  The facility included not only 84,000 gallons of new storage, but also provided offloading/metering stations and metered small packaging pump stations.  The project was fully commissioned and placed into immediate operation.