Stoner Inc.  Chemical Tank Farm Expansion

Lubricant Storage and Distribution Center

Tilley Chemical's design/build construction project was for a  lubricating oil Storage and Distribution Center.  The project required design of an offloading capability of specific gallons per minute output for filling delivery tankers. Product storage included 12-15,000 gallon, 3 -compartment, horizontal tanks, 12-10.000 gallon vertical tanks, and 1-10,000 gallon, 4-compartment tank. 


Design included storage, pumps (7 product families), piping (hydraulic analysis for each compartment or tank) telemetry, inventory monitoring (internet accessible) to the requirement of the owner.   The project was constructed in accord with the design inside an existing structure.   Installation including setting/anchoring all tanks, installing/wiring all pumps, piping, pump manifolds, electrical, telemetry for tank inventory and commissioning.  Each tank or compartment was directly connected to a custom design manifold located at the pump station for each product family. 


Offloading tanker compartments into the storage tanks, and removal from the storage tanks for redistribution by local delivery or small packaging was accomplished using the same pump by use of the manifold/valve design for each family.  Labor costs for operating the new system were less than half when compared to the previous.

Stoner Inc. is Pennsylvania based, specialty chemical manufacturer. Somerset Engineering was contracted by Stoner to perform engineering/design and construction services to facilitate the necessary modifications to the storage area and assist with the phased replacement and addition of new storage tanks. 

From the onset of the project, Somerset was challenged to remove, and replace the entire tank inventory, and not shut down the manufacturing process – significant to this challenge was the plant ran 24 hours/day.  Somerset performed the entire project with less than 1 total hour of plant shut down.  To achieve this milestone required preparation of design layout drawings and a specific construction sequence allowing the project to occur in 3 distinct and defined phases. 

Our engineering team’s close collaboration with Stoner’s plant engineer yielded a final design that satisfied the necessity and expectations of Stoner.  This master plan encompassed rework of the containment area and the tank configuration to allow for the addition of more storage tanks. The design layout drawings and a general chronological narrative enabled construction to proceed in a phased approach with negligible (less than 1 hour total) disruption to operations. Services included coordination with the regulatory agencies and assistance to obtain required permits.

The work scope included:

Phase I: Modify the existing containment area to develop additional space for the first phase of new tanks.

Phase II: Install nine (9) 3,000 gallon tanks, piping and new pumps within the new containment area. Install trench piping and precast trench covers. Install fill connection points and connect the new storage to the existing piping at the building entry points.

Phase III: Modify the second containment area for the addition of six-2000 gallon tanks. Set new tanks and install new piping from the tanks to the existing piping the building entry points.  Make connections from all tanks to new piping in trench. Construct truck unloading manifolds. Install six (6) traffic control bollards with covers. Electrical circuit installation for pump and unloading station.

Labor & Industry inspection and DEP inspection. Commissioning.

 Lubricant Storage & Packaging System  Texas

Scope: Permitting, Compliance, System Design,

Project Construction and Installation

Lubricant Storage and Packaging Center

Provide and install 25 Tanks and Ancillary Equipment including;

Manifolds, Meters, Racks, Pigging System, Catwalks, Pumps,

Piping, Valves, Pipe Supports.

Electrical Upgrades & Controls including Tank & Tanker

Overfill Protection, Building Modifications including: 

Traffic Protections, Containment Area and Floor Sealing.

Project Safety and Compliance
Safety and compliance were a top priorities throughout the installation

of the tank farm. The safety regulations adherence to best practices protected all employees involved with the project. 

Design/Build-Turn-key Project Team

Our industry veterans are grounded in common sense, hands-on experience, ingenuity and a deep understanding of steel tank and system design, fabrication and installation. 

Highhouse Oil & Propane

The Highhouse Oil & Propane project consist of the installation of a bulk storage and bobtail loading facility at Highhouse Energy.  Project included installation of a single aboveground 60,000 gallon tank with site prepared for second 60,000 gallon tank.

Single transport unloading bulkhead that can be unloaded into either or both tanks when both are installed. Two bobtail unloading bulkhead stations fed by two (2) Blackmer LGLD4 pumps with the ability to load a bobtail in approximately 20-30 minutes

Two (2) scales for filling cylinders, fed by a single Blackmer LGF1PE pump, with a second pump as installed spare. Transport unloading liquid piping 3-inch welded/flanged Sch 40 pipe, vapor 2-inch threaded Sch 40 pipe.

Bobtail loading liquid piping 3-inch Sch 40 flanged pipe on suction side of pump, 2-inch threaded Sch 40 threaded pipe , vapor 1 ¼-inch Sch 40 threaded pipe.Cylinder fill piping, 1 ¼-inch Sch 40 threaded pipe on pump suction, 1-inch Sch 40 threaded pipe on discharge side of pump. Scales- (IPS 1000# with laser shut-off).

Cylinder fill and storage building and loading dock for stake-bed type trucks .  Metal pole/with block wall construction approximately 850 sq feet under roof.

Rural Health Care Facility - Fire Suppression Tanks

Fire Suppression System in Easy Access Vault for Underground Water Tanks

This was a design/build project that was intended to replace two aged, existing underground pressure vessels – these tanks stored water under pressure for delivery into the sprinkler system at a critical health care facility.   The design component consisted of creating a vault, built into the side of an exposed hillside, that would allow the tanks to exist underground (space on the site was limited and above ground tanks ran the risk of freezing which was a zero tolerance option) while providing direct access to the working end of the tanks, via a concrete, fully-enclosed, heated vault.  This design prevented constant and expensive confined space entry to maintain and inspect the working end of the tanks.    


The delivery lines were connected inside the building to the existing fire sprinkler system.  The vessels were pressurized with a compressed air blanket over the stored water.  A compressed air system was designed to maintain the water supply to the sprinkler system in accordance with delivery requirements. The project was constructed and commissioned as designed and approved by the owner.   The installation included provision of all labor and materials, and included connecting the water delivery lines from the new tanks through the building, and then dropping the line through into a control room located 2 levels below the working facility. More about this project

Sheller Underground Propane (LP) Bulk Storage

Propane Bulk Plant-West Chester, PA - Underground storage with three 30,000-gallon LP vessels

Sheller Oil & Propane Co. is a family owned and operated fuel distributor that has been serving the Chester County area for over 50 years.

Somerset was tasked with engineering and designing a site plan for Sheller’s distribution center that would maximize their bulk storage capacity for propane within the space constraints of the in-town location. The plan was approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry (L&I).


The plan specified (3) 30,000 gallon underground liquid propane vessels and related equipment in compliance with NFPA 58 guidelines.

As a design/build general contractor Somerset Engineering was responsible for turn-key construction and installation of a fully operational bulk tank storage and distribution center from ground breaking through commissioning.

The installation include all equipment required for Transport unloading, Bobtail loading, and Cylinder fill.